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10 Lectures by HH BV Madhava Swami (2012 Part 1)


2012 “Parabhavita bhakti, glorification of Amla and Tulasi

2012 SB 5.16.26-29 “How to dealing beyond the description of the Veda ”

2012 SB 4.3.11 "Relation of women and self realization"

2012 SB 6.15.4 "Citraketu Maharaja"

2012 "Departure of ancestor (Explanation from Garuda Purana)

2012 "Separation Dhamsel of Vrindavan (Acharyas commentary)

2012 "Q and A: Prasadam and Tulasi are the good way to preach"

2012 "Tulasi Dhatri Mahatmya full recitation and commentary"

2012 "Q and A: Qualities of Vaisnava when dealing with anger"

2012 "Krishna comes according to our reciprocation"


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8 Lectures Srimad Bhagavatam

by H.H BV Madhava Swami (2012 Part 2)


2012 “Question and Answer about Ekadasi”

2012 "Transcendental Mellow of Bhakti"

2012 "Question and Answer: Married means one mind two bodies"

2012 "Janmastami katha (From different scriptures)"

2012 "Ekadasi Vrata: Benefit and how to conduct it"

2012 "Seven limbs of devotion"

2012 "Question and Answer Tulasi and Ekadasi"

2012 "Radhastami katha, India"


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