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Why Sadhana Charts should be posted

Some people want to know. Why do I insist on posting sadhana charts online? It's not what sadhana (spiritual practices) we CLAIM we are doing, that's the main thing. It's not the sadhana recommended by Iskcon that's the main thing.

It's actually precisely WHAT EXACTLY ARE we DOING DAILY, practically that counts.

We not only wish all people to know precisely what sadhana practices we say we are doing. But we should chronically mention daily precisely our struggles to overcome our lower nature and attain our higher spiritual nature.

This helps ourselves while helping others too!

as it was stated aptly in one Vyasa Puja offering:

"The six Goswamis were great devotees of Krishna, yet simultaneously they were tremendous intellects. Their writings systematically analyze the stages of the devotional path, such as vaidhi-bhakti and raganuga-bhakti, along with the various levels and nuances of devotion ecstasy. Therefore there is an intellectual integrity and rational structure to the practice of bhakti; it’s not just a “gut feeling,” an emotional thing.

“The highest devotion is attained by slow degrees by the method of constant endeavor for self-realization with the help of scriptural evidence, theistic conduct and perseverance in practice. These preliminary practices of devotion [sadhana-bhakti] are conducive to the realization of loving devotion. [Loving devotion]—than whom there is no superior well-being, who goes hand in hand with the attainment of the exclusive state of supreme bliss and who can lead to Myself.” (Lord Krishna in the Brahma-saàhita, 59–60).

Furthermore, “The Krishna consciousness movement is conducted under the supervision of Shrila Rüpa Gosvami. The Gaudiya Vaishnavas, or Bengali Vaishnavas, are mostly followers of Shri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, of whom the six Gosvamis of Våndavana are direct disciples. … One must very seriously follow in the footsteps of the six Gosvamis—Shri Rüpa, Sanatana, Bhatta Raghunatha, Shri Jiva, Gopala Bhatta and Dasa Raghunatha. … In all spiritual affairs, one’s first duty is to control his mind and senses. Unless one controls his mind and senses, one cannot make any advancement in spiritual life. … Advancement in Krishna consciousness depends on the attitude of the follower. A follower of the Krishna consciousness movement should become a perfect gosvami.” (The Nectar of Instruction, pp. vii–viii)"

Bhakti Vishrambha Madhava Swami


29 epoch events in

Bhakti Visrambha Madhava Swami's Devotional life:



1) friend gave him a first BTG sept 1971. Immediately liked the back cover photo of tulasi devi in red velvet backdrop.

2) Met Denver Iskcon Devotees Jan 2, 1972.

3) Tulasi dasa (TP of Denver Iskcon at the time) gave the new bhakta his first set of tulasi japa beads. as a result of that encouragement his chanting rose from 4 rounds a day to 16 rounds within a month.

4 rounds when rising

4 rounds walking to high school

4 rounds walking back from high school

4 rounds walking in swamp reeds near fathers house

4) as a child he served his fathers garden and mowed lawns to make money to buy Prabhupada's books.

5) Feb-march 1973 He became assistant to the tulasi pujari Makhana taskara dasa

6) serving Tulasi devi as a congregational member while staying over in the temple friday evenings to Monday Morning, when he went back to school

7) visiting the temple for wednesday evening sessions relished the reading of Krsna book nightly with devotees.

8) visiting Denver Iskcon until he joined Iskcon Full time (Radha Damodara Traveling Sankirtan Party (RDTSKP) May 28th 1973.

9) traveled with Vishnu jana swami to New Vrndavana Farm, Boston, New York, Long Island park, Washington D.C. Atlanta, Gainesville, Miami, Houston, San Francisco (RY)

10) Vishnujana swami left Him for Bhakta training in Atlanta temple Sept 4th 1973.

11) In that month assisted the Atlanta temple devotees with Balavanta Prabhu's failed "In God We trust Party" 1973 Atlanta Mayoral campaign.

12) did Private daily japa vrata in Tulasi devi's greenhouse. She mercifully granted his desire to return Oct early weeks to RDTSP. He later remembered this epoch incident as further proof of Her glories as mentioned in the sanskrt of "pundarik Tulasi Stotram".

13) while serving as the bus party kitchen cleaner and assistant to Sri Galim the Radha Damodara Pujari, he attended many state and county fairs, Phoenix, Beaumont Texas, Minneapolis state fair (saw LA book party with Kavicandra swami, Lokasaranga swami, Danavir Gosvami in 1973 Minneapolis state fair).

14) was present at Los Crucas New Mexico on Interstate 10 when the bus caught fire and burnt to the ground in 10 minutes flat. the deities stayed 3 days in Motel 6, until party shifted to Houston temple for 2 months.

15) returned to Atlanta temple Dec to Jan 1974 for 1 month waiting for new RDTSKP bus being bought in NYC by Laxmi Nrsimhadeva and Radha Ramana das's.

16) Jan 4, 1974 Vishnu jana swami collected him from Atlanta temple they went to Gainsville for 1 week then to Miami temple for 3 months Arab oil Embargo to repair and refit bus.

17) Did book distribution in New jersey waiting for Vishnujana swami to return in april from Mayapura 1974 festival where maharaja did Kirtan in Nitai Pada Kamala boat down the  Ganga.

18) Took First Initiation from Srila Prabhupada July 9, 1974 in San Francisco, alongwith Laksmi Nrsimhadeva, and RAdha ramana dasa's by the recommendation of srila Tamala Krsna Gosvami and Vishnjana Swami.

19) 2nd initiation July 10, 1975 in chicago Iskcon during Rathayatra period (I have a photo of me fanning SP while he was giving SB class on my 2nd initiation day).

20) He was pujari In St. Louis MO temple 1978-82 after RDTSKP withered away. then I took care of 20-30 tulasi trees while doing practically everything for the 6 offerings/arati's for the GN deities.

21) In oct 30 1982 He left USA for Bombay India and mostly stayed 9 months in Bangalore Iskcon. south India

22) March 1985-1990 He was BBT Production Manager under Bhima Dasa and Srila Gopala Krsna Gosvami -BBT Trustees.

23) 1991-93 He had a BBT library party bus

24) 1994- shifted to Vrndavana at Krsna Balarama mandir in the Brahmacari ashram room 97.

25) In Dec 1996 He visited Russia/ cis for 1st time.

26) Remains under the care of his mentor Srila Niranjana swami_ SAnnyasa Guru.

27) Took Sannyasa August 4, 2001 in Moscow Russia, from HH Niranjana Swami.

28) in 2010 spend Chaturmasya period in Krsna Balarama mandir temple in Vraja whilst living in the KB Goshala.

29)  travels around the world 8-11 months a year spending 1-4 months a year in Krsna Balarama Goshala.

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